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Non-Stop Parking Access Control


Access Control for Parking The CES-BU-900S is a high profile and easy to install long range reader. This reader is mainly used as a Non-stop parking access control.
  • EPC G2 C1 compliant, Fixed or FHSS
  • Adjustable reading ranges up to 10 m(32.8ft)
  • Antenna: integrated, Linear and horizontal polarization
  • IOs: 4 photo coupler inputs, 4 relay outputs
  • Interfaces: RS232, RS485, Wiegand, and TCP/IP
  • Weather protection: Rain and dust resistant
  • Size and Weight: 450mm(17.72 in) ×450mm(17.72 in) ×80mm(3.15 in) 450×450×80mm, 3.63kg (8lb)
  • SDK available
EPC Gen2 Class1
Frequency ranges
902 ~ 928 MHz, Fixed or FHSS
Antenna Ports
N/A (integrated with 1 antenna)
Antenna Polarization
Linear, horizontal
Operating Mode
Timing, trigger, controller, and command
Reading Range
3(9.84ft) ~ 10m( 32.8ft) (pre-set in factory)
Reading Angel
40 degree
Motion Detecting Speed
≤100Km/h (62.14miles/h)
RF Power
15 ~ 32dBm
4 photo coupler inputs, 4 relay outputs
RS232,  RS485, Wiegand (26/34), TCP/IP 
16M Flash
Internal Clock
Input Power
9-12V DC, ≥4A
Operating Temperature:
-25 �C ~ +65 �C
Storage Temperature
-40�C ~ +85�C
10 ~ 90%
450mm(17.72 in) ×450mm(17.72 in) ×80mm(3.15 in)
3.63kg (8lb)


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