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Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) / Assets Protection

· RF (radio frequency) Technology
Proven to be the most reliable electronic article surveillance system
· Unique Signal Processing
Improved tag and label detection
Additional reliability
· Power Supply
Compatible with AC requirements anywhere in the world
· Multi-Aisle or Wide-Aisle Capability
By adding antennas, the system can protect any exit configuration

Electronic Article Surveillance - Classic
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*options, shipping & handling extra

Electronic Article Surveillance - Commander
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Electronic Article Surveillance - Challenger
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Electronic Article Surveillance - Elite
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System Technology
RF (radio frequency)

Height: 60" - 152.4cm
Width: 11 1/4" - 28.6cm
Depth: 1 1/4" - 3.2cm
Weight: 35 lbs - 15.9kg per system

Classic: Almond, Grey, Black
Commander: Black
Challenger: Stainless Steel
Elite: Clear Acrylic

Antenna Separation
Spacing between antennas can create aisles up to 6' (1.83m), depending on tags and labels used.

Power Supply
Standard 100/120/240 VAC
1/4 amp 50/60 Hertz
Note 1: Type of supply must be designated
Note 2: Individual power supplies can be used for each antenna

Optional Baseplate
Creates 36" (91.5cm) aisle between antennas
Size: 20"x40" - 50.8cm x 101.6cm
Weight: 39lbs - 17.7kg
Finish: Black, ribbed rubber mat

External Devices
Optional. Systems can be used to turn on a variety of remote equipment like alarms, cameras, etc.

Tags & Labels
Systems are compatible with virtually all types of RF tags and labels

EAS - Single Door Configuration
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EAS - Double Door Configuration
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Vector Antenna

Our new Vector system offers retailers added flexibility in the utilization of limited space. Stores with narrow exit doors can now use one antenna to detect 8.2mhz labels.
Supermarkets can now use a check-out control system that saves valuable space and expense by reducing the number of antennas required in the aisles between cash registers.

The Vector transceiver system provides 3ft. (90 cm) of detection on each side with a label and capable of covering openings as wide as 12 ft. (3.6 m) with just two antennas.

Hard Tags
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Radio Frequency
Proven the most versatile and reliable Electronic Article Surveillance System on the market today.

Processor Controlled
Newest DSP (Digital Signal Processing) techniques improve detection and minimizes phantom alarms.

All the electronics are on a single circuit board, improving reliability and reducing cost, for the same exit/entry configuration.

Hard and Soft Tags
Compatible with all 8.2 MHz hard tags and labels.

No Synchronizing
No interconnection cable required.  Improves overall appearance.  Reduces installation time.

Wide/Multiple Aisle Capability
A single panel can protect up to 10 feet and by adding additional panels, any exit can be protected. Labels have a capability up to 6 feet.

Metalic Version or Acrylic Version available

Easy Installation
Designed for ease of installation, minimizing initial costs.

Open Architecture
Less obtrusive design does not intimidate customers, creating a better shopping environment.

Rugged design
Extremely durable stainless steel frame and impact-resistant housing means extended product life.

Alarm Event Indicator
Light indicates alarm location in multi aisle installations.

Power Supply
Compatible with electrical requirements world wide.


Hard Tags

We offer a variety of hard tags that are designed to be used with all types of merchandise. From the most delicate fabrics to thick denims and man-made materials, tagging is quick and easy.

When put on merchandise these hard tags stay firmly attached, protecting your merchandise from theft until they are removed at the point of sale. These tags are removed from merchandise using the detacher, located at the check out area.

Detection distance varies depending on the type of tag and/or the type of system.

4.6 hard tags only operate with our single panel system. The two varieties of 8.2 MHz hard tags operate with any 8.2 MHz radio frequency system.

Hard Tags - 500  $248.00* 

*options, shipping & handling extra

4.6 MHz
Hard Tags
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Mini 8.2 MHz
Hard Tags
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Standard 8.2 MHz
Hard Tags
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Detacher, Lanyards and Pins

The attractive round chrome detacher allows for quick and easy removal of hard tags from merchandise. Its small size fits easily on even the busiest check-out counter.

Used with hard tags, lanyards protect merchandise which otherwise could not be protected. Some examples are: tennis rackets, stereo equipment, hardware items, and sporting goods.

These sturdy pins fasten hard tags to merchandise.

Detacher - for tags  $85.00* 
Extra Pins - 500  $35.00* 

*options, shipping & handling extra

Detacher, Lanyards and Pins
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Labels and Deactivators

We offer a variety of labels in the following sizes:

2" x 2" (5.0 x 5.0 cm)
1.5" x 1.5" (4.0 x 4.0 cm)
1.25" x 1.5" (3.3 x 4.0 cm)

These labels are available in several different frequencies including 8.2 MHz and 9.5 MHz. Their use depends upon the application.

Different printing options are also available.

Our deactivators are designed to deactivate all 8.2 MHz disposable labels. The operator does not have to find or locate the disposable label on the item in order for it to be deactivated. An audible tone alerts the operator of labels that will not deactivate. The deactivation unit is placed next to the point-of-sale equipment for quick and easy checkout.

Non-contact deactivation
Reduces EAS related labor
Integrates smoothly with checkout procedures
Doubles as a point-of-sale detector

Labels - 2000:2"x 2"  $188.00* 

            2000:1.5"x1.5" $115.00* 

Detuner (deactivator) - for labels  $390.00 

*options, shipping & handling extra


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Labels and Deactivators
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