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Search System for Vehicle Undercarriages

Utilizing dual periscopic mirrors, two powerful fluorescent lights and rugged castored wheels, this system works together to provide an extraordinary field of view unmatched by any other method. While standing erect at the side of the vehicle, the operator can conduct a detailed inspection of half the undercarriage at a single glance. Moving along the center line, the entire chassis, engine compartment, power units and any newly welded attachments are immediately visible. Supplemental lighting can be easily used in crevices and other difficult to search areas.

Search System for Vehicle Undercarriages
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Search System for Vehicle Undercarriages
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Search System for Vehicle Undercarriages
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Explosive Device Transport System

Designed with the highest regards to safety, this is the most extensively tested bomb disposal unit with a well documented history of service. Compact in size, this lightweight trailer can be easily towed by an average sedan and maneuvered in tight, narrow streets. It is also equipped with electric brakes on each wheel and a battery powered break-away system that stops the trailer in the unlikely event it becomes separated from the towing vehicle.

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